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Anatomy of A Viral Social Post: Part 3

May 23, 2024

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We are back with the anatomy of a viral social post because we do a little happy dance when our creators’ content goes viral!


Let’s start first by defining what we mean when we say that a social post has gone viral. Typically, we can determine if a post has gone viral based on the social platform, audience size, and engagement metrics.

Things like a surge in views, likes, shares, retweets, or comments within a relatively short period can indicate virality. At SheSpeaks, we look at the number of followers that an influencer/account has and if the number of views or engagements is greater than the number of followers, we tend to view this as viral in that the post has gone beyond the influencer’s audience.

Example 1: Monbébé

The sponsored influencer post below for Monbébé is an example of a post that has gone viral. The post has almost 2.5 Million views however, this influencer has just 65.5k followers i.e., the post has gone beyond the influencer’s followers with continued traction!

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A post shared by Jessica Conboy (@pineconesandpacifiers)

  • There was an engaging hook/trending hook – POV text on screen!
  • The creator showed what’s new & different early in Reel.
  • The short length of the video keeps the audience engaged.
  • It is easy to see and instantly understand the product benefits and the solution for parents.
Example 2: Boursin Bites

Another example of a viral sponsored post is from creator Lauren Sephton (Bright Moment Co.) for Boursin.

Her video has 1.8+ million views and Lauren has 437k followers on Instagram so that could only mean one thing… We have gone viral!

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A post shared by Lauren Sephton | Bright Moment Co. (@brightmomentco)

  • The great hook showcases the finished product at the beginning of the video.
  • There is a high appetite appeal with an easy-to-replicate recipe. 
  • The camera + sound quality is an added plus to keep the viewer impressed.

We get excited watching our influencer content go viral and our campaigns shatter KPIs. Imagine what we could do for your brand – let’s make it happen together!

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