Influencer Content That Works: TikTok, Takis, and more!

We recently launched a new series called: Influencer Content That Works – showcasing influencer content that resonates with audiences.

In each post for this series, we spotlight successful influencer posts that resonate and point out why we think they work to connect with audiences.  Let’s see what’s new this week:

1. @michellewpark for Ball Park Buns and Takis at Walmart:


##ad hi+@takisusa veggie burger on @ballparkbrand bun all from @walmart with some cucumbers (to calm the heat!) ##spiceupballpark ##bentobox ##ad

♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

Why It Works: With over 229,000 views, and over 37,000 likes, @michellewpark perfectly paired Ball Park Buns and Taki’s for this campaign in an enticing and engaging way. 

2. @mymunchkins3 for Taco Bell Cheddar Crisps at Walmart:

Why It Works: We love a delicious and easy recipe, and it’s clear that @mymunchkins3’s followers agree. With comments such as “these are so much better than croutons!” and “Omg I had no idea these even existed!!! I need to try these out 😍” – it sounds like these were a true hit!

3. @daniellepiercee for Pampers Easy Ups Space Jam at Walmart:

Why It Works:  Potty training is no easy task, but SheSpeaks influencers, including @daniellepiercee, took a positive and spin on the daunting milestone. Not only did these moms share their authentic stories, they provided real tips for their followers who might be joining them in the potty training journey soon.

Be on the lookout for more posts in this blog series. 

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