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Welcome to the NEW SheSpeaks!

October 19, 2021

The creator economy has exploded over the last few years. Influencer Marketing spend is expected to increase to $22 Billion by 2022, up from just $500 Million in 2015.

SheSpeaks is proud to have supported hundreds of thousands of influencers and creators since our launch in 2008, and in partnership with them have created innovative and award winning campaigns for clients like Hershey’s, Prudential, Kraft/Heinz, P&G and many others.


At the heart of SheSpeaks is a powerful community of hundreds of thousands of influencers and a trove of data and insights about what motivates consumers and shoppers.  We use our data and insights capabilities to match the right influencers to campaigns, to co-develop messaging with them, and to optimize impact during campaign execution. This has always been our “north star” for creating campaigns and services to meet client needs.


With that in mind, we have relaunched, our influencer community site with new tools for influencers to share content, reviews and insights that continue to drive influencer marketing innovation.


With our freshly designed site, we are giving our SheSpeaks community of creators and influencers new ways to create and amplify content.


Our clients will have access to more creator content & insights than ever before. 

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We LOVE questions! Please feel free to reach out to us with any that you have about the NEW SheSpeaks and all things influencer marketing!  Contact Missy Tiller at


Thank you!

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