Episode 153

Blogging Isn’t Dead: Why Content Creators Need a Blog

November 3, 2023

Alexandria Drzazgowski was able to take six months off from her business to plan a wedding and still made a full-time income. How did she do it? Her international food blog: The Foreign Fork, made it all possible. 

In this episode, Alexandria comes on to talk to us about the unique way her website makes her money. She shares that blogging isn’t dead. In fact, it is one of the most lucrative ways for content creators to monetize what they do and have full authority over it.  Alexandria also shares her experience going viral in Australia due to a mistake on a recipe. She talks to us about the impact of that media attention and scrutiny and how she used it to her advantage to help realize the success she sees today. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why blogging gives you more control than other platforms as a content creator
  • The importance of SEO and Domain Authority to create a lucrative blog
  • How to make money off ads as a blogger and land brand deals
  • How Alexandria turned a negative experience into something positive that helped launch her career. 

Episode Highlights

  • 3:20 How Did Alexandria Get Started?
  • 5:25 How Blogging Gives You Control Over Your Content Unlike Others
  • 7:00 How Alexandria Was Able To Take Off Work And Make A Full-Time Income Off Ads
  • 9:41 Why SEO Is KEY For A Successful Blog
  • 12:52 Instagram Or TikTok? Which Is Better For A Creator
  • 13:54 How To Land Brand Deals As A Blogger
  • 14:52 Accidently Going Viral In Australia ( And Making It Work For Her Brand)
  • 17:44 The Good, Bad, and Ugly Of Going Viral
  • 21:04 What Is Domain Authority And Why is It Essential For A Successful Blog?
  • 25:08 How Does Alexandria Source Her Content For Recipes Around The World?

Resources & Links

To Check Out The Foreign Fork:
Website: The Foreign Fork
Instagram: @theforeignfork
TikTok: @theforeignfork

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