Episode 152

Why Do Women Judge Each Other On Social Media? With Danielle Bayard Jackson

October 25, 2023

This episode explores the fascinating world of female relationships and friendships, particularly in the digital age. Our guest is Danielle Bayard Jackson, an expert in female friendships, the host of the “Friend Forward” podcast, and the resident friendship guru at Bumble. With notable features in Oprah, The New York Times, and NBC News, Danielle is here to guide us through the complex dynamics that often define female connections. She’s the key to understanding these intricate facets on our podcast, “The Influencer Effect,” as we delve deep into the sometimes complex world of female relationships.

In this episode, we’ll be delving into:

  1. Unpacking the complexity of women’s friendships: What makes them so interesting and complex?
  2. Gen Z versus Millennial friendships: Exploring the generational differences.
  3. Women clashing on social media rather than supporting each other: Why does it happen, and how can we change this narrative?
  4. The ever-evolving role of friendships in our lives and society.
  5. Understanding the distinctions between male and female friendships.
  6. Danielle’s content and why she’s talking about this topic on social media.

Join us in this interesting discussion on the aspects of female relationships in the digital age.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:44 From Teaching to Friendship Coaching
  • 3:59 Why Do Women Have Such Complicated Friendships?
  • 11:39 The Key Difference Between Male and Female Relationships
  • 15:16 Female Friendships: Work Friends vs. Personal Friends
  • 16:59 Sharing Friendship Advice on Social Media
  • 22:27 How Do Gen Z vs. Millennials Handle Friendships Differently?
  • 26:38 What Role Does Friendship Play in Our Lives?
  • 32:14 The Weight Of Social Media as a Coach
  • 35:54 Do Female Creators Face Different Challenges Than Men?

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