Episode 178

Breaking Barriers: Using Passion to Drive Success with Taz Zammit 

May 15, 2024

In this follow-up episode, we are thrilled to dive deeper with our guest, Taz Zammit.   Listen as Taz shares her fascinating journey from being a dancer and tennis player to making waves in the Australian Football League and beyond. Discover how she has shattered gender norms and thrived in male-dominated industries, including sports and DJing.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  •  How Taz’s interest in sports began with a challenge at a local football club and how her mother’s support played a crucial role in her persistence.
  • The challenges Taz faced in entering a male-dominated sport and how she used rejection as a fuel to drive her success, leading to her playing at the national level.
  • Taz discusses her entry into the world of DJing, the setbacks she faced as a female DJ, and how she overcame them by focusing on her skills and the music instead of conforming to industry stereotypes.
  • Delve into Taz’s involvement in the creator space, discussing the gender pay gap and the unique challenges female creators face, both online and offline.
  • Learn about the importance of resilience, self-marketing, and leveraging different platforms like LinkedIn to stand out and share your progress and knowledge.
  • Taz shares her thoughts on the future of her career and offers advice to other creators on handling online negativity and supporting one another.

This episode provides lessons on perseverance, embracing your passion, and making a mark in challenging environments. No matter your passion, Taz’s story offers invaluable insights and motivation.

More about the Guest:

Taz Zammit was born in Melbourne, Victoria. She navigated the challenges of male dominated sports at a young age and broke barriers in the Australian Football League (AFL), becoming an inspiration for young female athletes. Taz earned a Psychology degree from Victoria University while uncovering a passion for DJing, which led her into another male dominated field where she experienced growth and success. 

Alongside her partner, Alessia, Taz has an impressive online presence. Together, they’ve leveraged the power of social media to establish themselves as the most followed lesbian couple. They created TANDA Ventures, a groundbreaking app that serves as a destination for community, unity and diversity, showcasing their commitment to fostering an environment where everyone is welcomed and celebrated. 

As a forward-thinking content creator and advocate, Taz’s vision for the future is to make a positive impact on people’s lives every day and shift the cultural paradigm. 

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Instagram.com/tazzammit | Linkedin.com/in/taz-zammit | Tiktok.com/@tazzammit

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