Episode 177

What is the Secret to Building a Community?

May 8, 2024

In this episode, we sit down with viral TikTok creators and TANDA Ventures founders, Taz Zammit & Alessia Allfree. Their inspiring journey has led them to become Australia’s most celebrated Lesbian couple. They turned their lockdown account into a large social media account with a deeply engaged community.  With over a million followers, they have become influential voices within the LGBTQ+ community and in this episode, offer insights into content creation dynamics, community building, monetization strategies, and future aspirations within the creator economy.

Episode Highlights

1. Origin Story: How Taz and Alessia’s collaborative TikTok account began as a fun outlet during lockdown and grew into a significant platform with a major following.

2. Content Strategy: Insights into how they produce and differentiate between regular video content and live streams, and how each format serves to build connection and community.

3. Engagement and Growth: Tips on maintaining audience engagement, the importance of live streaming, and how it significantly amplified their growth on TikTok.

4. Monetization: Discussion on various streams of revenue, including brand partnerships, merchandise, and the innovative ways they use live streams for direct sales.

5. Building and Managing Community: The importance of fostering a positive, inclusive environment and how their approach has cultivated a strong, supportive network.

6. Future of Content Creation: Perspectives on the progression of the creator economy, including personal content platforms, digital independence, and insights into how platforms’ evolutions influence content strategies.

7. Practical Advice for Aspiring Creators: Real-world advice on the importance of consistency, engagement, and evolving with the platforms.

Links & Resources

App: https://www.tazandalessia.app/
Instagram.com/teamtandaapp | Tiktok.com/@teamtanda

Joint accounts: Tiktok.com/@tazandalessia | Instagram.com/tazandalessia

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