Episode 155

Getting Honest About Motherhood with Mary Hendricks

November 16, 2023

Motherhood isn’t perfect, and Mary Hendricks From Picking Daisies podcast and @theverymarylife is on a mission to create a supportive online community that is open, honest and judgement free. 

In this episode, we talk with  “relatable AF” mom and businesswoman Mary Hendricks. She originally took to social media to post about fitness and ended up creating a thriving online community for mothers to turn to for real talk about motherhood. She is now a leading space in podcasting, blogging, and social media to be that “best friend” in your corner when motherhood gets hard. 

In today’s episode, we will be covering:

  • Motherhood taboos and why it’s okay to feel a certain way as you navigate the day-to-day of parenting, marriage, and relationships. 
  • Why Mary doesn’t consider herself an influencer or a content creator 
  • Mary discusses how she decides what the boundaries are for posting her children on social media
  • How Mary deals with negative comments on social media 

    Episode Highlights

    • 2:38 Why Mary doesn’t consider herself an influencer or content creator
    • 2:48 “I didn’t mean to become a content creator.”
    • 5:16 What boundaries are there for posting about children?
    • 8:42 Motherhood Taboos: Talking about how it’s okay to feel a certain way
    • 15:52 Dealing with negative comments on social media
    • 19:28 Being the relatable mom in your corner
    • 20:20 Why Mary is turning to podcasting and blogging to build her community

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    Picking Daisies podcast

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