Episode 156

How Do Influencers Impact How We Shop, Work and Vote?

November 21, 2023

How do influencers and content creators influence how we shop, vote, work, and even keep up with our health and wellness? We asked the SheSpeaks community questions about the impact of influencers on their decision, and the responses are truly surprising!

In this episode, we are sharing the key takeaways from our results, exploring some of the insights, and listening to parts of a session where Aliza shares the survey findings with Marketing Brew/Morning Brew.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:56 How do influencers impact shopping decisions and purchases?
  • 4:16 How do influencers affect our health and wellness choices?
  • 5:43 Do influencers affect our decisions about voting and politics?
  • 10:29 How do women decide who to follow on social media?

Links and Resources

Listen to the full Marketing Brew/Morning Brew Session here: https://www.marketingbrew.com/events/the-future-of-the-creator-economy-2023

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