Episode 151

Tips for Success: Two Decades of Creating Content with Influencer Audrey McClelland

October 18, 2023

Audrey McClelland has over 18 years of experience as an influencer, a true first in the influencer industry. Starting as a parenting blogger in 2006, Audrey has shifted gears to maintain her success in an ever-changing industry successfully. To this day, she runs the popular website (Mom Generations), social media channels with loyal audiences, has authored books and is the current co-host for The Rhode Show,  WPRI’s morning talk show in Rhode Island.   

In today’s episode, Audrey discusses how she developed the staying power to grow with the industry and maintain her success. She shares with us how creators can grow their content, choose the right brands to work with, and develop long-term partnerships. We also talk about the misconceptions in the influencer industry and how creators feel about labels like “Mommy Blogger” or “influencer.”   

Episode Highlights

  • 4:30 One of the first: How Audrey got started in the industry
  • 7:28 The term “Mommy Blogger”
  • 11:19 Shifts in content creation in 18 years
  • 15:39 How much work is it to create content?
  • 23:32 Which brings more revenue? Brand partnerships or affiliate marketing?
  • 25:28 How to book a brand long-term
  • 29:07 Booking with the right brand
  • 30:56 Why consistency is the KEY to growth
  • 34:25 Why having an audience & following is key in entertainment/media
  • 35:58 Will our kids become influencers?

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