Episode 157

Sharing Latin Culture Through Content Creation with Vanessa Sirias

November 30, 2023

Our guest on this episode is content creator, comedian and actress, Vanessa Sirias. Vanessa is a Nicaraguan American who is putting her culture on the map through her social media content.  In 2020, she became a TikTok sensation within the Latino community by posting relatable content of shared experiences within the community. She has covered topics such as Latino representation within Hollywood and growing up in a Nicaraguan family.  Vanessa is a fun and relatable voice for other Latinos, even being Buzzfeed’s PeroLike first Nicaraguan-American producer, generating over 200k+ followers on TikTok. Growing up, Vanessa never saw her culture represented and today, we are talking about how she came to start her platform and why.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How she combines truth about her culture with entertainment
  • Why her audience is more of a community
  • Why it’s important to only work with brands that align with your values 

Episode Highlights

  • 2:07 From comedy to singing
  • 4:05 Bringing light to the Latino community with content on social media
  • 9:04 “I almost gave up being a content creator!”
  • 9:58 What people don’t see that goes into content creation
  • 14:11 Monetizing different platforms
  • 16:50 How do you know something will go viral?
  • 18:17 Showing truth through comedy and entertainment
  • 20:49 How to know which brands to work with
  • 23:52 Dealing with negative comments as a social media content creator

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