The Evolution of Beauty Marketing: Transparency, Trips & TikTok with Mimi Banks: Part 2

April 24, 2024

Join us for Part 2 of our episode with beauty industry and social media expert, Mimi Banks.  In this episode, we dive into the evolution of the beauty industry and explore how transparency, accountability, and a two-way conversation have become key in the relationship between brands and consumers. Mimi shares her insights on how the rise of social media has fueled these changes, emphasizing the significance of community management and the impact of influencer marketing within today’s beauty landscape.

Episode Highlights

– How the beauty industry’s approach to consumers has transformed from a one-sided interaction to a responsive dialogue, with a focus on transparency and immediate communication.

– The critical role of community in brand success and how social media platforms have been instrumental in finding and building these communities.

– Influencer marketing strategies, such as the Cerave brand-building technique with actor Michael Cera and “Trippin with Tarte,” analyze the effectiveness and the potential backlash from consumers of this influencer trip. 

– The impact of TikTok on brand visibility, consumer engagement, sales, and what brands might face if it were to be banned.

– The concept of brands as entities with personalities and a moral compass, and how they’re held accountable for their values and practices, which is especially visible during grand influencer events.

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