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Tapping Influencers for Sam’s Club New Full Funnel Video Capabilities

January 31, 2024

Recently Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP) launched three new full funnel video capabilities.

These new video capabilities allow advertisers to leverage first-party data to target Sam’s Club members with video advertising.

According to recent data from EnsembleIQ, “Sam’s Club members stay engaged longer and show stronger click-through rates when video is added to their shopping experience.”     

Why Use Influencers to Create Video Ad Assets?

SheSpeaks has been working with influencers to create videos to successfully target Walmart shoppers for some time. This same approach can be used for Sam’s Club MAP new full-funnel video capabilities.

Influencer content can be created quickly and then used in CTV Ads and Sponsored Videos. Recently, we have worked with several brands to develop video content in the necessary specs for use in sponsored search and on their brand pages.

Influencer created videos are:

  1. Cost efficient – significantly less expensive than studio productions shoots
  2. Fast turn– once briefed, influencers can turn content in a few days
  3. Compelling – influencer created video content drive strong VTRs and CTRs
Sponsored Search Example: Bayer (Walmart)
Sponsored Search Example: Keurig Dr. Pepper (Walmart)
Motts Back to School @Sam’s Club
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Influencers are proving that they can drive awareness and consideration by visually telling brand stories through their content. By utilizing compelling video content created by influencers in full funnel video capabilities, brands can accelerate their success with Sam’s Club and Walmart Shoppers.

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