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Women Weigh-in on The Future of Work

October 4, 2023

In September, SheSpeaks and Luminary embarked on a multigenerational study to better understand how women view work. Thousands of SheSpeaks members weighed-in and took the survey!

The pandemic has changed the way we engage with work — but it has especially altered women’s roles in the workforce. In a post-pandemic world, women across generations, from boomers to Gen Z, are either struggling to start their career, reenter the workforce, or climb the promotion ladder.

Today, we are releasing the “Multigenerational Women and the Future of Work Study” polling 2,000+ women in the U.S. between the ages of 18-74.

SheSpeaks and Luminary commissioned the study to further explore women’s changing attitudes toward work and how they can reshape the workforce.

Here are a few themes that emerged from the study:

  1. Work gives women self esteem but doesn’t necessarily define them.
  2. Women want the flexibility to work from home but recognize that they may not be as productive at home
  3. Work/Life Balance and Ease of Commute are of top importance to women followed in third place by Compensation
  4. Three Key Trends to Watch: Staying in Jobs Longer, Social Media Plays an Important Role in Career & The Rise of Side Hustle

Additional key findings are in the infographic below.

Women and the Future of Work

If you have questions about the study or want more information, please contact Madison Scarcella at

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