COVID-19 Concerns Normalize and Social Unrest [Wave 7]

August 14, 2020

SheSpeaks Coronavirus Survey Wave 7

[Prior Coronavirus Surveys: Waves 1&2Wave 3Wave 4Wave 5, Wave 6]

  • COVID Survey: June 17-22, 2020 and 1,473 respondents completed the survey
  • Social Unrest Survey also fielded June 17-22 with 1,121 respondents
  • Throughout this report we will supply comparison to past waves of our study series.
Topline Results
  • Uncertainty is #1 Emotion: Consumers are feeling Uncertain (56%), Hopeful (38%), Frustrated (37% and Anxious (37%). However, they are less Anxious (-18pt), less Uncertain (-13pt) and more Hopeful (+11pt) vs. late March when COVID-19 was initially spreading.
  • Consumer Believe that Protests Help Will Bring Change: 54% of respondents said that the protests would help usher change in the US. This is up 74% (+23pt) from our June 2 survey.
  • As States Have Re-Opened Consumers Are Venturing Out: 51% of consumers say they have visited businesses that have re-opened and another 20% plan to do so soon. 44% have been to friends/family home and 28% have gone out to eat at a restaurant.
  • Good News for Food Brands: Consumers have spent 62% more time cooking at home since the Coronavirus crisis began. Close to 50% of shoppers say that they will continue cooking at home as much as they are now.
  • Summer & Holiday Plans are Up In the Air: Just 20% of consumers say they will take a vacation, another 19% are Not Sure Yet and 19% are planning a Staycation. 62% of parents are concerned that their children will be bored over the summer. While 49% of consumers plan to get together with friends/family over the summer days more than 21% are “unsure.” 52% say they will get together over the end of year holidays 37% still “unsure.”

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